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Nicole Scherzinger – Poison – The hidden meaning ?

December 8, 2010

The black forest, the ceremonial dagger, the heart…it kinda says it all

There seems to be a lot of poison in somebody’s mind recently and unfortunately she / they decided to unload it on us and especially our children, using this ” poisonous ‘ music video.

Nicole told UK radio station Kiss 100: “I told Red, when I go on stage I kind of turn into a beast sometimes, this other alter-ego, you know, that you kind of you get to see in ‘Poison’ and I want the music to bring that to life for me.”

Well, poor Nicole, meanwhile we understand almost perfectly what you’re going through since you don’t seem to be the only artist that has an alter ego that wants to bring out the beast, be crazy and careless etc.

Actually, in these days almost everybody in pop music is kinda doing it, right?

So ,as you know,  a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ve made again a collection of  the most memorable and disturbing screenshots from her video.We will also try to explain a little what the symbols refer to.





(RedOne) Nicole… Yeah

The Song starts off with someone shouting RedOne (which sounds awfully like Red Woman = Temptation, sexual desire etc.)

[Verse 1]

Got venom dripping from my lips

Know who you’re about to kiss

We know and so we hopefully won’t do it..

Think that you can handle it, boy, it’s on

A sexual challenge?

Just step into the danger zone

Shake it if you wanna roll, never bend,

Shake what ?

Just take control, stakes are on

Yeah, what’s at stake here ?

Got poison in my mind

Bad to the bone

These are some of the victims

She cast a spell.

Just got drunk and I wanna switch alters now

Notice the snake pendant on her neck ?

A super ” hero”  in a telephone booth…

Notice there are some words written backwards on the windows…can’t really make out what they say, though…maybe ” chosen one ” ?

How do you like my lizard gloves ?

These will help me control those puppets called men, just as I am controlled.

Bend down at my command…

Sex zombies…

And fall down to my feet…

So sick, get a grip, gonna stick to a stick

I don’t think that I can stop this

Pick it up, let it drop, when it drops slip it up

Oh no, I’ll never stop

Indication of mind control…she sees herself from the outside and realizes that something is wrong but she can’t help


Now we know why you can’t stop…

Our good, old buddy, the eye…

I kick everybody’s butt…

Switched to white alter ego.

The cops are prisoners, too…

Switched to black version ( Cat Woman ? ) .Strange, reoccurring hair style ( in videos of other artists for example, fashion etc. ), by the way…

Sex kitten, anyone ( beta )?

We’re done here…

Says the eye, again …

This really was  unnecessary…


Well, blue and white checkerboard, for a change…

Such a ” beast “

Bang, bang…You are next…

This is my poison for you…

And this, too

That bad girl power I got, I’ll abuse it tonight

Bad girl power meaning she will take advantage of her sexual influence.And not just tonight, unfortunately…

Cause tonight got poison on my mind

Who put that poison in there ?

That power I got you’ll be mine when I stay till real late

She’ll grind you till you have no energy left and you’ll become her sex slave.

Got poison on my mind

I got that poison (uh huh),

I got that poison (uh huh)

I got that poison, that poison on my mindI got that poison (uh huh),

I got that poison (uh huh)

I got that poison, that poison on my mind

She teaches girls how to trap men to do their bidding using sex and lust. Just dress slutty and be bad and men will be your prisoners.And it works most of the time, unfortunately…But there is a price to pay, she doesn’t talk about that, though…

And this is how you treat you “subjects”, girls…with “respect”…



[Verse 2]

So cool out, let her in the scene

Let her join the club ?

Cause tonight I need to kiss a sexy little dirty scream, yeah, it’s on

Sounds troublesome

Then I get you in my sleep, it ought to be extreme

Can’t trust her, can you ? she will back-stab you.You will live in permanent fear…

You’re so cool, baby, you’re so mean (Turn me on, turn me on)

So mean is cool ?
So sick, get a grip, gonna stick to a stick

I don’t think that I can stop this

Pick it up, let it drop, when it drops slip it up

Oh no, I’ll never stop, hey

How we wish you would,though !!!

The two pillars and the gate

And a new sign ?

Could be a pyramid, or represents her sexuality ( you know, the p…. word ) that gives her power, backed up by the One that cannot be named. She was a member of the Pussy ( sex ) Cat ( beta programming ) Dolls ( mind control ), after all.

I got my eye ( s )

on you…

That’s right…



Metropolitan = Metropolis ?

Background looks a little bit like in Metropolis.

Crazed look




I got that poison, that poison, that poison

I’ll make you fall in love with me(Turn me on, turn me on)

I got that poison, that poison, that poison

I’ll make you fall in love with me(Turn me on, turn me on)

Obviously she has to make you fall in ( egoic ) love because who wants this horror

That bad girl power I got, I’ll abuse it tonight

Got poison on my mind

That power I got, you’ll be mine till the light

The light ? not again…

Got poison on my mind




And the sign, again…

And the X

And again…


I think we got it by now, you are a very sexual being….

Don’t you think they’re overdoing it with the repetitions, though ?

I wanna thank the sun and the star…

For these great special effects…

Professionally done…

Hello eye…

This one is kinda hard to spot but it’s there, right at her right shoulder…

I think we’ve seen enough





Imagine you’re a little  teenage girl, watching this before going to a party…wouldn’t you want to dress up like that and be all ” poison ” and stuff and make all the men crazy?

This is one of the ways how they use subliminal images to  corrupt our minds and they start preferably at a young age.And when we get older we wonder why most men are obsessed with sex and many women think that it’s cool to ” be bad “….

So Nicole, you say that ” You got that poison ” ?

Well, please keep it, we don’t want it.

What do you think about this ? Please answer in the comments.

20 Comments leave one →
  1. nombre permalink
    December 9, 2010 05:14

    disgusting, makes me wanna throw up, just very vulgar, etc….
    also, she’s ugly and has plastic surgery.
    never heard the song and hope never will…

  2. radz permalink
    December 10, 2010 14:58

    LOL, this just keeps going doesn’t it, it’s very disturbing, what i don’t get is that do they (artists) really not know what is going on, haven’t they noticed anything weird with this world, how corrupted it’s getting by each generation, or do they really worship money that deeply. it’s sick.
    oh and the writing written backwards on the glass, i think it says ”chosen one”…hmm
    makes sense too, she is their chosen one…FOR NOW.

  3. dirk siggler permalink
    December 13, 2010 23:31

    nah, it doesnt says chosen one, it says carsen one. its a scribe tag from some tagging writing his name in the booth.

  4. permalink
    March 4, 2011 16:18

    mad hot.

  5. some macedonian guy.. permalink
    March 13, 2011 01:50

    i am introduced to the illuminati and stuff thing, i think that’s just… horible BUT, i love nicole so much and i don’t care if she is illuminati or not, she is one of the greatest singers these days and the hottest womn live and i will lwys love her
    btw i am over 20 years old and i know the influence of the illuminati and the NWO stuff. don’t worry ;)
    p.s. great job and great sharp eye u got man (for the video, expecially the right shoulder eye) :)))

  6. January 20, 2012 00:57

    wow, i use to think this song was completely harmless but i know its anything but harmless. its disgusting and secretly brain washing our teenage girls. ( Now i Know why their prostitution among young women now)

  7. stella permalink
    February 26, 2012 04:57

    who cares, get a rip. brain washing starts at home? who said being a parent is easy?

  8. Georgefabul permalink
    October 25, 2012 11:08

    I dont like her ways again, jesus says that they dont no what they are doing heavenly father should forgive them, what i am believing is this i think, that thing they served has cover their eyes to see what they are doing is wrong, inventing evil human beings are behaving like fools, just because of 100 yrs you have in life, will make you want to loose your soul forever i pray that GOD should help them in jesus name amen

  9. Jimmy permalink
    December 9, 2012 14:17

    This has just COMPLETELY changed my mind about this song…. I really wish I wouldn’t have seen this now! I loved this song until about 5 minutes ago! :'(

    • Trough permalink
      January 1, 2013 20:43

      I hate bitches like this they make me siiiiiiiiiicccckkkk!!!!!!

      • permalink
        August 10, 2013 17:19

        are you that clean?

  10. nelo permalink
    December 13, 2012 22:25

    I don’t know. I think this illuminati is shit, but also Nicole is great, and Beyonce they don’t need shit like illuminati to be awesome

  11. Georgefabul permalink
    June 23, 2013 23:34

    The song has no meaning they should write a good song to advice our youth not this kind of stuff its no meaning but sexual act thats not good at all nicole do something good not this type of song ok, i believe you can do better than this ok!

  12. permalink
    August 10, 2013 17:18

    damn you people you believe in that stupid shit illuminati.. if you have faith in GOD you dont need to believe on those stupid shit things… Nicole is very talented and writes good songs.. sometimes artists like her have thoughts about sex.. whats bad about that.. dont you have that thoughts too.. dont pretend that you are all a bunch of clean innocent humans… peace out!!!

  13. Nicole permalink
    December 8, 2013 19:01

    I love heeerrrr, and i love this song. <3
    And i don't give a fuck about this.

  14. November 21, 2015 21:11

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    you actually recognise what you are talking about! Bookmarked.
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